Current Calls:

Thank you! We have closed the call for Autumn 2019 and are no longer accepting applications.

Watch this space for future session dates.


Your application should include:

  • A resume

  • A statement (max 100 words) introducing yourself and explaining why you would like to take part.

  • Samples of 3 previous works. Please include a clear description of each piece with the title, date created, and medium.

  • A (brief) outline of what kind of work you plan to do during the residency. Please include the concept, planned medium, theoretical background, and influences.

Things to keep in mind before you apply:

  • While we don’t require that your final work be the result of a collaboration, the workshops, shared studios and nature of the residency demands that you are considerate of others and open to new experiences.

  • We welcome artists of all disciplines to apply. If we are unsure whether we can accommodate your needs – spatial, technical or otherwise – we will be in touch immediately. If you are unsure whether your work would fit, please feel free to get in touch. We aim to answer all emails within 48 hours.