2019 Session: September 30––December 17

Deadline: April 1


BARTR invites artists working across a diverse range of fields to Budapest for 11 weeks, once a year. We host about 10–15 international residents at one time.

The program is characterised by its urban nature and open structure. Studios are located in different spaces throughout Budapest’s central districts and the exhibition takes place in several venues. Collaboration with other artists, studios, and civil organisations is encouraged and facilitated.

The program has two interlinked parts:

Artists are expected to pursue self-directed work on a piece to be exhibited at the final show. An organised program of studio visits with the residents and BARTR team will help you reflect on, refine, and prepare your piece.

In addition to your own piece, all artists are invited and encouraged to participate in the workshop program. The workshop series is focussed on two movements central to underground cultural movements in Hungary, Central East Europe, and beyond: printmaking, zine culture and independent publishing, and experimental / DIY audio and sound.

The program culminates in a final exhibition, collaborative anthology, and podcast series. Artists of all disciplines are welcome and encouraged to apply. If you are an artist from or based in a V4 country, get in touch about mobility grants.