Gabriel dubois


Uniquely straddling the doctrines of Street Art, Post Modernism and Arte Povera, Gabriel Dubois’ practice is born out of an innate desire to express and inscribe heterogeneous life experiences through the formal language of abstraction. Gabriel operates primarily as an abstract painter, employing hard-edge and gestural components within an absorbing playing-field of deft iconography. Utilizing sign painting mechanisms to create contemporary calligraphic images, he emphasizes the impact of urbanity through a recognizable artistic authorship. Site-specific works, structural installations, sculptures and collage based imagery act as formal counterpoints to his painted compositions.

Pollution Evolution

On the BARTR exhibition, Gabriel exhibited a series of paintings created during the residency based on photographs taken in the 7th and 8th districts. The images offer an outsider's view of details considered valuable to the artist. Signage, architectural fronts and the spaces between them acted as starting points for these abstractions. The images are depicted in an enriched energetic pallet vital and characteristic to his personality within the field of image making.

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